with Mia Borgatta and Guest Speaker Dr. Eden Fromberg

Dates: November 18 (2-6), 19 (9-6), and 20 (9-6)

Join Dr. Eden Fromberg, NYC's holistic OBGYN, and Mia Borgatta, recently named one of NYC's best prenatal yoga teachers, at the Ma Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training in NYC.

Program Cost: $500


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You will learn Mia Borgatta's strengthening, inspiring and empowering Ma Yoga method in the context of a radical reframing of childbirth and yoga dialogues in which the interconnected wisdom and resonant unfolding of the pregnant body and physiologic childbirth are honored and supported. We will cover the anatomy and physiology of human labor and birth in detail from the perspective of Dr. Eden Fromberg, holistic OBGYN, clinical professor, and osteopathic women's health specialist.

Topics include:

detailed and obscure anatomy
holistic fertility
fetal development and prenatal exposures
maternal and fetal adrenal glands, timing of labor, and stress
psoas muscles and the pitfalls of epidurals
the connective tissue biology of delayed cord cutting and cesarean section
the pelvic floor and episiotomy myths
the microbiome
controversies and contraindications
prenatal nutrition
sadhanas of pregnancy
discomforts and clinical issues
Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy and Birth
Appropriate Asanas (Poses) and Pranayama (Breathwork)
Class observation and sequencing
Childbirth Preparation Exercises
Contraindicated poses
Dealing with problem areas associated with pregnancy
Yoga therapeutics for pregnancy
A prenatal Yoga Teacher"s responsibilities

Ma Yoga

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