Fertile Yoga Workshop, with Dr. Eden Gabrielle

Fromberg, DO, FACOOG, DABHM.

TBA $150 including Fertile Foods lunch and handouts.

Fertile Yoga s a special one-day workshop for women exploring, tuning, and celebrating our fertility and sacred sexuality. This workshop is for all women who are interested in developing a deeper awareness of their bodies and cycles. Women at any phase of the fertility cycle are welcome, including women planning pregnancy now or any time in the future, women with health issues, women planning IVF, and women entering menopause.

FERTILE YOGA is taught by Eden Gabrielle Fromberg, DO, FACOOG, DABHM, an osteopathic physician Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Board Certified in Holistic Medicine and a Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training graduate. Drawing from her diverse background in yoga and women's healing arts, Eden1s approach is challenging and inspiring. This dynamic and invigorating workshop begins with an intensive yoga session designed to enhance strength, flexibility, inner awareness, sexual energy, and fertility. Prior yoga experience is recommended. An organic, vegan lunch will be provided, including 'fertile foods' and discussion about food and nutrition to enhance fertility. Participants will delve into lifestyle, sexuality, women1s health issues, and fertility awareness (natural family planning). Time will be available for questions and answers, and open discussion is invited. A celebration of our fertility and sacred sexuality, and chakra meditation will conclude the day. You will learn to use yoga to address your own unique health issues and personal concerns in the supportive environment offered by the course, and you will leave feeling fresh, inspired, and able to integrate the changes, insights and renewed energy you will experience during the workshop into your daily life.

Workshop Cost and General Information: Students will need to bring a comfortable change of clothes, notebook and pen. Mat rental, bottled water, blankets, and yoga straps are available. ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. $150 including lunch, handouts, reading list, and fertility awareness chart. Space is limited.

Dr. Eden Gabrielle  Fromberg has been an obstetrician/gynecologist and holistic physician for over ten years, and has studied and taught yoga for over twenty years. She is the founder and director of Lila, and has a private practice, SoHo OB/GYN in New York City: www.sohoobgyn.com.

Register early as space is limited. Walk ins subject to availability.
lilawellness@gmail.com for efficient workshop registration
Call on the day of the workshop to confirm.
General registration form attached.

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