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Bodytuning is an advanced form of bodywork. It combines orthopedic physical therapy, medical massage, remedial exercise and a variety of other well-known modalities. A skilled bodytuner can help in reducing pain and increasing range of motion. Bodytuning is not a system. The practitioner relies on intuition, innovation and creativity to alleviate conditions in the skeletal, muscular and connective tissue systems.

In this nine-hour introduction, you will learn how to do a total but general Bodytuning session. Contents of the course will include testing for range of motion in the joints, release in restricted tissues and how best to approach a problem area.

Glenn Black, your guide, has over thirty years of experience in working with the body. He is the only bodytuner certified to teach Bodytuning from Shmuel Tatz, the creator of Bodytuning. Glenn also combines decades of yoga practice into his work. He specializes in treating dancers, musicians, yogis and athletes.

Each student should bring a personal face cover, a sheet or two & some natural lotion or oil.

"When Glenn apprenticed with me in 1989-90, I considered him to be one of the best Swedish/deep tissue massage therapists that had ever worked on me. He quickly understood and was able to apply the principles of Bodytuning. I am pleased to say that now his skills have reached levels well beyond any I could have wished for him." Shmuel Tatz, creator of Bodytuning

"Glenn's years of study in movement, yoga and bodywork created an unparalleled intuition. He has an uncanny ability to understand and treat many chronic conditions in joints and muscle. He has no equal in his fields of endeavor." Danny Goleman, author of 'Emotional Intelligence'

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