Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga FAQ

When should I start?

I believe that yoga practice should be modified when you find out you are pregnant. Without proper modification and awareness, certain postures and practices can be dangerous, and the body heat should not be significantly raised. If you feel well during the first trimester, you may begin a responsible prenatal practice. Many people start prenatal yoga after first trimester exhaustion and nausea are over. If you choose to remain in the open class setting, then it is important to find out how to alter your practice. Taking a prenatal class with an experienced teacher can give you that guidance.

How often should I come to class?

The ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) recommends exercise at least three times a week. Yoga will impact your life in positive ways the more frequently it is practiced.

Can I take Prenatal Yoga without any previous experience?

Yes. Many women start yoga when they are pregnant and continue after. Be sure that you have your physician's or midwife's approval if there are any medical considerations.

What should I wear?

Something soft, stretchy, comfortable and breathable. Sweatpants or leggings and a tank top or T-shirt, or something comparable. Clothing should not bind or restrict the body.
How can Yoga help me prepare for the birth experience?
The practice of yoga helps to cultivate moment-to-moment awareness of the breath. The establishment of this practice helps to prepare for dealing with the intense sensations and discomforts of birthing. If any moment is experienced fully, one discovers that not only is one1s life not threatened but that each moment leads to the birth of the baby. The class includes practices to prepare for birth by meeting challenges and practicing surrender. The physical asanas are chosen to build strength and open the pelvis. Relaxation, restorative poses, and inner listening are also aspects of the practice.

How long can I continue to practice?

We have had people come in to class in labor! Even though it is hard to leave home in the final days of pregnancy, the class can have a calming effect on prenatal anxiety.

When can I start yoga postpartum?

When the bleeding stops at 3-6 weeks. Inversions should be avoided until 6 weeks after delivery.

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