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Lila's yoga classes honor the wisdom and creativity of our teachers and their diverse training and experience in various yoga traditions.

Open Yoga Classes - Inspiring, dynamic classes designed to develop flexibility, strength and inner awareness. Classes include vinyasa (flow) and deeper exploration of poses, with challenging variations for more advanced students. Instructors draw on their training and experience in Hatha, Jiv@mukti, Vinyasa and other yoga traditions, and may incorporate yoga philosophy and chanting. All levels are welcome, prior yoga experience recommended.

Basic Yoga Classes - A slow paced class with detailed alignment instruction and demonstration. Learn the foundations of yoga practice and deepen your existing practice in these attentive, inspiring classes.

Ma Yoga Programs (Director, Mia Borgatta)

Prenatal Yoga: Ma Yoga is an empowering prenatal yoga technique that reinforces the inner resources and innate wisdom of the body and mind as preparation for birthing and mothering. The intense demands of birthing and mothering require a practice that is strengthening as well as restorative to body and soul. A balanced spectrum of breathing, warmups and asanas are included in each class. By cultivating mindfulness and awareness in the moment and participating in a community of mothers to be, a woman can begin to prepare for this exciting transformation in life.

Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga FAQ

Mommy/Baby Yoga: Delightful classes designed to promote bonding, strengthen, stretch and reintegrate the body in a community of new mothers.

Fertile Yoga Workshops: a special one-day workshop for women exploring, tuning, and celebrating our fertility and sacred sexuality.

Mommy/Toddler classes continue to rebuild strength and spirit while toddlers keep occupied in a safe and welcoming playdate environment. With a core strengthening emphasis, moms partake in a full yogic practice designed to restore, renew and energize. (Group babysitting is available with a donation.)

Family Yoga classes are open yoga classes for the whole family. Moms, dads, partners, babies, children, grandparents, friends are all welcome. Greater strength, stretch and alignment through yoga poses benefit both the body and the soul. All levels are welcome to this nurturing, village-like environment! Fun for everyone!


DHARMA PUNX - Meditation & dharma talks.

Tues & Thurs 7pm-9pm by donation (Dana)


Physical Culture & Wellness

Martial Arts for Health, Grace, and Self Cultivation

Internal Arts

( Lama, Taoist)

Private instruction available by appointment. for info.

Class Prices

Single Class: $25
5 Class Card: $115 ($23/class, 7 week limit)
10 Class Card: $220 ($22/class, 12 week limit)
20 Class Card: $400 ($20/class, 22 week limit)

Mat rental: $1
Bottled water: $1

We accept Visa/Mastercard

Prenatal/Ma Yoga class cards are also valid for open classes and expire on the baby’s first birthday





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