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Rooted in an Indian background, Nisha Kewalramani has been exposed to the science of Yoga and Ayurveda since childhood. A native New Yorker, Nisha spent her time at N.Y.U. studying Psychology. Not satisfied with exploring the patterns of the mind without the interplay of the body, she went on to study Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. There, Nisha learned about releasing holding patterns of the mind through the body’s natural intelligence. Nisha’s desire for hands-on training led her to study massage therapy at The Swedish Institute. She expanded her awareness of touch when she began to study with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, founder of the School for Body-Mind Centering ®. For the past ten years, she has focused on movement and touch as a means for transformation. Bonnie’s work led her to train in Infant Developmental Movement Education. Nisha works with infants, facilitating their movement and development for optimal growth. Nisha currently studies Dzogchen buddhist meditation with Beth Biegler, her primary teacher since 2000. Nisha was a faculty member at Marymount Highschool teaching Yoga and Body-Mind Centering ® to the students and faculty . She is currently teaching Infant Developmental Movement classes around the city including a Babies class with Amy Matthews at the Breathing Project. She works with infants and adults, teaching group and private classes around the New York Area.

DEGREES, CERTIFICATES & LICENSES B.A in Psychology, N.Y.U License in Massage Therapy, The Swedish Institute, N.Y Certification in Embodied Anatomy and Yoga, The School for Body-Mind Centering ® Certification in Developmental Movement and Yoga, The School for Body-Mind Centering® Certification in Infant Development Movement Education, The School for Body-Mind Centering ® Somatic Movement Educator, The School for Body-Mind Centering ®





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