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EdiZen Archer is...

born, raised, and lives in New York City. A practitioner in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition since 1981, he received training and transmission from respected teachers such as Lama Tharchin, Khenpo Karthar, H.E Luding Khen, and others in all four sects. As a spiritual friend, he focuses on the needs of the 'urban householder'
practicing in the jeweled towered mandala/ charnel ground zero of the city. Growing up in the 'Old School' Graffiti underground of the '70's, he performed in local traditional Chinese (Peking) Martial Opera theatre with Qi Shu Fang's troop in the '80's as well as being an adopted disciple of the late Sifu Chan Tai San. EdiZen currently plays to sold out audiences in the reggae music genre (BB King's times Sq, Melkweg Amsterdam, Reggae on the River Calif. etc.) with CCB. He is the cofounder of 'Lila Yoga, Dharma, & Wellness' on the Bowery.


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