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Lila is a unique yoga, Dharma, and healing arts center dedicated to the cultivation and celebration of the cycle of life. Lila provides a supportive environment for exploration and transformation to nourish our community of students and teachers as they deepen their experience of body, mind and spirit while living in a complex modern environment. Lila's classes honor the wisdom and creativity of our teachers and their diverse training and experience. The programs and services at Lila tap into the wisdom of nature that is physiologically and spiritually rooted in our hearts and bodies, and Lila offers programs that support fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, pelvic floor and sexual health, and somatic awareness, in addition to meditation programs serving the community. Ancient wisdom, empowering people, now.

Upcoming Workshops and Class Series:

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Sex & the Psoas


with Liz Koch

Monday May 2nd , 2016 2pm - 5pm

cost: Advanced Reg $95 until April 28/ AfterApril 28& Day of $108 (Cash at the door space permitting)

Focus on a healthy Psoas muscle and you will improve your skeletal integrity, joint mobility, muscle strength, breath, & organ functioning. Plus you will balance and enhance your sexual and emotional wellbeing! Whatever stage of life you are in the Psoas is core for reaching your full potential.

The focus is the relationship of the Psoas to all aspects (and ages) of women’s reproductive health: including menstruation, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, menopause, sexual pleasure, full body orgasm,  core integrity, and the recovery from and prevention of surgery for prolapse or hysterectomy.


The Female Pelvis and the Cycles of Life
Presented by Tom Myers & Dr. Eden Fromberg

Saturday & Sunday, May 21 & 22, 2016

Location: Studio Arte, 265 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018

$495 early registration through Mothers Day (May 8), $545 thereafter pending availability (click to purchase)

Don't miss this rare opportunity to study with these renowned myofascial and clinical experts in the integrative understanding, assessment and treatment of female pelvic health. Clinicians, manual therapists, body workers, birth workers, doulas, and yoga and movement teachers will all benefit from this immersion in fresh perspectives, in-depth anatomy and physiology, and movement explorations.

Explore the rich depths of the pelvis with bodywork, movement, and self-experience. The pelvis is the cradle of life and source of vital function and pleasure, yet potent cultural perspectives and inhibitions surrounding sex, bodily functions and posture can make it a difficult area to learn to navigate with confidence. Yet proper pelvic balance is so imp
ortant to the health of the spine, gait, digestion, elimination, childbirth, sexuality, and emotional well being. Sexual trauma, the wounds of childbirth, surgeries, and the challenges to the mature pelvis are our primary focus (but most of the material in this workshop applies to men as well). Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains® and director of Kinesis Inc, a worldwide bodywork education company and Dr. Eden Fromberg, osteopathic, holistic OBGYN and biointelligent medicine and movement pioneer offers clinical correlations and treatment perspectives rooted in connective tissue insights.

Learn to ‘midwife’ more spacious balance and integrity in the hips, pelvic floor, and low back.
• The balance of pelvic ligaments and menstruation
• The muscular pelvic floor vs the fascial pelvic floor in ‘core support'
• Pregnancy and childbirth considerations
• Organ attachments and pelvic pain, including embryological and osteopathic visceral perspectives and treatment
• Respiratory and pelvic diaphragms, Prolapse, Better Alternatives to Kegels
• Pelvic Nutrition
• A full understanding of the psoas complex, deep lateral rotators, adductor group
• Pelvic innervation, arousal, sacred aspects
• Sex and the Psoas
• Childbirth and the Psoas
• Applications to yoga, bodywork, strengthening, breath, obstetrics, gynecology, and midwifery
• CE Approval pending from NCBTMB and PMA


Tom Myers
Thomas Myers is the director of Kinesis, author of Anatomy Trains (Elsevier, 2001, 2009, 2014), co-author of Fascial Release for Structural Balance (North Atlantic, 2010), and author and producer of numerous articles, DVDs and webinars on visual assessment, Fascial Release Technique, and the applications of fascial research. Tom and his faculty provide continuing education in Anatomy Trains and holistic myofascial strategies for a variety of movement and manual therapy professionals worldwide, as well as professional certification in Structural Integration based on the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians. Tom studied directly with Drs. Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Buckminster Fuller, and with movement teachers Judith Aston, Emilie Conrad, and in the martial arts. His work is influenced by cranial, visceral, and intrinsic movement studies with European schools of osteopathy. Tom has practiced integrative manual therapy for 40 years internationally in a variety of clinical and cultural settings. He is a member of the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI). A certified Touch-in-Parenting instructor, Tom retains a strong interest in perinatal issues relating to movement, and is an advocate of midwifery and physiologic childbirth.




Eden Fromberg, DO, FACOOG, ABIHM
Dr. Eden Fromberg is the Founder and Director of Holistic Gynecology New York, a sanctuary for truly holistic women's healthcare, and of Lila Wellness, directing yoga and movement programs and trainings for women and professionals. As an osteopathic physician and clinical professor, Board Certified in both OB/GYN and Holistic Medicine, and Founding Member of the Fascia Research Society, she has advanced training and expertise in manual therapies including gynecological visceral and urogenital manipulation, studying directly with Jean-Pierre Barral. Eden researches, develops, and teaches therapeutic applications of yoga and somatic movement, studying with master teachers including the late Emilie Conrad. Eden’s insights into the interconnectedness of the body fundamentally reframe the medical dialogue and offer a spectrum of diagnostic perspectives and holistic treatment options, helping women throughout the life cycle achieve optimal hormonal, pelvic, and personal health. She addresses the complex areas of female pain, pelvic floor and sexual dysfunction from an integrative perspective, and teaches and consults with midwives and birth centers internationally, working intimately with Robin Lim in Bali since 1997, and with Ina May Gaskin. Eden appeared in the film The Business of Being Born, has been on the Medical Review Board and writes for the Huffington Post, and her work has been featured in Time, Yoga Journal, BUST, Natural Health, Spirituality & Health, and Midwifery Today.


Holistic Gynecology New York




with Mia Borgatta and Guest Speaker Dr. Eden Fromberg

Dates: June 17, 18, and 19 2016
Program Cost: $500

For information please call 917-407-6840

Ma Yoga

Couples Yoga in Preparation for Birth Workshop with Mia Borgatta

Date: TBD $80/couple

For information please call 917-407-6840

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A portion of Lila's proceeds support sustainable international women's health care at the small childbirth 'klinik' in Nyuh Kuning village, Ubud, Bali.

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